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Dance – Art – Meditation

by Newport based Artist and Dancer Katie Keeble


Katie is a contemporary dance graduate of London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS The Place) and Cal Arts (USA). As a graduate performer she has danced with choreographers both in the UK and abroad. Katie studied Dance Movement Therapy with the Institute of Bodywork and Movement Therapy (Cambridgeshire), Dance Voice (Bristol) and with Anna Halprin (San Francisco). She leads creative dance classes in the community for all ages and abilities, from children through to the elderly. As a passionate dancer she regularly dances for her own well-being and fitness, including assisting in local projects with Dance Moves.  Katie is also a visual artist and has been studying art with Arts and Minds, Cambridge Community Arts (CCA) and Cambridge Regional College. Katie facilitates community art workshops and believes whole-heartedly in the ability of art, dance and freedom of expression to transform and cultivate healthy, happy individuals and communities. Katie now resides in Newport, South Wales and is a student in MA Art Psychotherapy at USW Newport.