Introducing Mindful Moving classes @ The Edge Café

By Katie Keeble

(Published March 2018)
Mindful Moving classes grew organically from facilitating a series of movement and meditation exercises during the DJAM (Dance Journaling Arts Meditation) sessions and the desire to offer longer exploration time dedicated to combining movement and mindfulness.
The DJAM sessions run weekly, alternating between the DJAM art group and Mindful Moving classes, both free to attend, on Thursdays 2 – 4 pm @ The Edge Café, facilitated by local artist and dancer Katie Keeble.
I would like to encourage you to come along and try the classes for yourselves. They are accessible for all abilities and adults of any age, from 18 – 101, and those of you in recovery from illness or addiction are especially welcome.
As we move around the world in our everyday lives, cooking, gardening, waving hello, sitting and walking we find everything has an action. From these everyday actions comes a simple moment of creative inspiration where we can glide into moving naturally and with ease to music and sound.
“I feel relaxed and energised. I liked dancing today.” Paul, January 2018
With the help of my gentle guided explorations and mindfulness techniques we can find harmony and balance. The natural flow that resides in everyone is as unique as our fingerprints. We all enjoy moving differently and we each have our own natural rhythms and our own responses to the music.
“There is a dance only you know how to do” Gabrielle Roth
Every body and every dance is celebrated in Mindful Moving classes; we are here to share and enjoy our diversity and find community together through our differences.
  “Dancing is like taking a mini-vacation from the stresses of life – you have to be in the moment” Ofelia de la Valette
In the classes we move together as a group and individually with the potential for healing and learning from each other. Gentle movement helps us to become more mobile and flexible; we improve balance and co-ordination, and release tension with breathing and relaxation techniques.
 And last, but not least, we enjoy ourselves and have fun! Laughter is by far the best medicine after all.
“I feel like the tension in my body releases, it’s a playful atmosphere and lots of fun to do with other people. The class is very accessible for people who feel that they can’t go to a standard exercise class – and it’s way more fun than a standard exercise class!” Sarah, February 2018
Find us on Facebook: DJAM Workshops
We look forward to welcoming you to the Mindful Moving classes @ The Edge Café in Cambridge.


DJAM workshops @ The Edge Cafe

By Katie Keeble, DJAM facilitator

(Published July 2017)

Taking the first step into an art class can be tough, especially if you’ve never been before, but we are here to assure that DJAM welcomes everyone to take part.
“Turning I into We makes illness become wellness Anon
Being together as a group gives a huge sense of belonging with fellow artists and others in the community who share a passion for the arts. Meeting like-minded people is definitely one of the perks of the art classes.
My friend and colleague Pippa Bayfield and I, met during the Arts on Prescription course with Arts and Minds. Together we wanted to continue exploring art through teaching and set up DJAM (Dance, Journaling, Arts and Meditation) at The Edge Café in March 2017. DJAM is an exploration for us to maintain our practice through teaching and holding space for people to enjoy the arts as a community.
In the DJAM sessions we combine forms of dance, art, journaling and meditation so that we are working from our whole selves, including our physical bodies, emotional selves and all our senses, 
helping to free us from any disturbances or echoes from our lives that we’re working through that day. By the end of the session, participants have had the opportunity to talk with each other as well as experience all the art forms in their own unique style. We hold the space as a welcoming, inclusive and accessible way to create our artistic community.
We both believe in the power of art to heal, through our lived personal experiences, and have come to realise the power of community to heal too. Conversation, interaction, appreciation, acceptance, belonging, compassion and empathy, all combine when we gather to express who we are together. The groundwork is laid for a very nourishing and wonderful experience, which heals us all, and especially those who are more susceptible to isolation, through either illness or addiction.
I have come from a passion for movement and dance to learning more about the visual arts. Discovering new forms of expression has opened up possibilities for me to create ways of being kinder to myself, and honouring my varied thoughts and emotions through the colours and shapes I create. I receive joy from appreciating my work and the work of others in my art classes.
We welcome you to create art in your own way and however you wish to on that day. We hold a no pressure policy, only wishing for it to be enjoyable and fun above anything else, and there is no need 
for prior artistic experience. We love learning new things and we want to share that with you.
“It (DJAM) reminds me of the way I used to enjoy having fun before alcohol” Sam, DJAM participant
I really enjoyed the time I’ve spent at DJAM. Katie and Pippa were brilliant facilitators. We had some lovely activities, which flowed together beautifully. An uplifting, very special afternoon.” Mary, DJAM participant
We would like to thank The Edge Café for providing the space for DJAM to be brought to fruition and blossom through the people who participate. Everyone receives a huge amount from each other and simply enjoying the space and time together on fortnightly Thursday’s 2-4pm. Find us on Facebook: DJAM Workshops
We look forward to seeing you there!

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