Mindful Moving

“I have only been to a few of Katie’s sessions, and the first time I joined I was feeling quite nervous! But I was met with ease and reassurance. Katie is attentive to everyone’s needs and is never short of ideas. Her passion and enthusiasm for creativity is truly motivating, and I can’t wait to go to another session.” Mary, participant
“I find my dance and movement sessions with Katie to bring me peace where I can let go of my thoughts and get absorbed in the flow and frequency of movement. Here I feel healthy, vibrant, at one with myself, and calm.” Sandra, Participant

DJAM Art Workshop – Kit Westlake

DJAM is a wonderful thing. It’s an oasis of tranquillity and joy in a chaotic world. It’s a super potion for the soul.
We do art. For two hours every other week, you get to stop caring about the outside world, all the drama, all the pain, and just create. Katie, the genius behind DJAM, always has fun new ideas to help inspire you, and kind words to spur you on as you see what you feel like doing that day. I’m always surprised by what I end up making, and Katie makes sure everyone leaves the room proud of their work, and always feeling better and happier than they arrived.
DJAM is a place of pure joy and creativity, both of which can often feel in short supply these days. It’s a great place to relax, recover, and just let go. It takes my mental health issues and gives them a warm hug, helping them settle down and improve, just a bit. I can’t thank Katie enough for creating such a wonderful space to escape to every couple of weeks, and can’t recommend it highly enough.
Art work by Kit Westlake (below).